Cannabis Wholesaler

Cannabis Wholesaler Australia offers a range of cannabis products from CBD rich hemp flowers to THC products and medicines.

We are specialized in import and export of wholesale marijuana from our suppliers in Europe and Canada and from local growers in Australia.

Cannabis Wholesaler online processing and international shipping. We provide a wide variety of sativa cannabis strains, indica marijuana strains, Hybrid cannabis strains and powerful CBD flowers from European farms which further makes produces for Marijuana edibles, Cannabis Concentrates, Cannabis Wax , and cannabis oil for sale, we distribute from Europe, The United States and Canada

Customer satisfaction is our priority value and our customer specialists are happy to use their knowledge to assure an optimal consumer experience, join us today!

Wholesale Bulk CBD Concentrates

Wholesale CBD oil made with our proprietary production processes, our industry-leading expertise. We offer premium THC-free CBD tinctures, soft gels, skincare and more.

We offer substantial discounts on bulk quantities of our finished hemp extract supplements, CBD isolate, CBD vape oils, CBD capsules, and bulk CBD for dogs and other companion animals.

Hemp Classic CBD oil – 10 liter sizes

Concentrated CBD oil – 10 liter sizes

CBD Vape oil – 1/2 liter and liter sizes of bulk vaporizer CBD

CBD Isolate – bulk isolate can be purchased

Hemp Flower, AAA grade, Smoke-able, Organically Grown

Organically grown flower for smoking or processing, several cultivars available, shipped in vacuum sealed bags to guarantee freshness. Wholesale quantities only

CBD Hemp Flower

18.9% CBD and .1% THC levels.

Ingredients: Hemp CBD Flower

We grow using organic farming practices. We do not use any pesticides on any of our strains.


alpha-Pinene- .04%

beta-Myrcene- .36%

Limonene- .05%

Linalool- .02%

White label CBD oil products

Your brand CBD oil products specialist in Europe and the UK

Cannabis Wholesaler works with our farms in Europe to produce consistently high quality White Label CBD products of the highest quality. Our CBD products contain no THC. Our products are also tested by an external laboratory. We leave nothing to chance. Europe’s leading suppliers of white and private label CBD products.

Wholesale Cannabis Clones

A wide range of cannabis and hemp clones. Get started with your cultivation with selected genetics and strains. These clones are produced in our greenhouses in Europe and can be shipped worldwide.

Wholesale Hemp Clones ready for international distribution

A wide range of Sativa, Indica and hybrid varietals produced in our certified nurseries. Low THC Cannabis clones for immediate dispatch and ready to plant now.

Hemp Clones

High CBD and low THC hemp clones for wholesale.

High CBD and low THC hemp clones for wholesale.

We ship nationally and internationally. Our clones are rich in all the important cannabinoids including CBD-A, CBG and much more. Premium strains and cultivars stabilized to ensure consistent quality.

Inquire for volumes larger than 1kg.

CBD for Dogs & Pets – 10 liter sizes of CBD for dogs and other pets

Bulk CBD Capsules – 5mg and 15mg CBD hemp capsules for humans and pets